Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Perfect Trade for the Pistons?

As the Pistons close in on the halfway point of year 3 in the Troy Weaver lead restoration, the results in the win/loss column have not been good, but the collection of young talent he has assembled is impressive. With Killian Hayes looking likes he's turned the corner on becoming a productive NBA player, Weaver has pretty much went 6 for 6 in the draft since taking over. Detroit's young core of Cade, Ivey, Duren, Bey, Stewart, Hayes and Bagley are all 23 years old or under and are only going to get better. Next years draft could lead to the biggest prize of all Victor Wembanyama if the ping pong balls bounce the Pistons way once again.

Currently the two things the Pistons are lacking in their group of young players is a true PF who can score, defend the paint, and protect the rim along with a wing who can consistetly hit three pointers, play solid D, and not make a bunch of turnovers. Last night when I was playing around on the trade machine I came up with a highly plausible trade idea where the Pistons could possibly cross both those items off their core wishlst by acquiring 23 year old SG/SF Gary Trent and 25 year old PF John Collins

The Trade:

Why it would work for Toronto

1. The Raptors are facing some tax issues next season and are reportedly shopping Gary Trent. Burks could replace Trent next year for $8M less or Toronto could decline his option and let him become a FA

2. The Raptors are reportedly looking for a vet PG to back up VanVleet. Cojo was well liked in Toronto when he played there before.

3. The Raptors are reportedly looking for a true Center with defensive chops to help out in certain matchups. Hello Nerlens

4. The Pistons would take Khem Birch and the the $7M he will be paid next season easing their tax concerns

5. Malachi Flynn has dropped to 3rd on the depth chart behind Banton who is younger and cheaper. Pistons would take on his $3.8M contract for next year

6. Noel and Cojo's mid size expiring contracts will be easy to include in trades if they choose to look for further upgrades before the deadline.

Why it would work for Atlanta

1. The Hawks reportedly would like to be relieved of the 4 years and $100M left on Collins Contract

2. Bojan is a great replacement, makes $5M less then Collins next season, and only has one fully guaranteed year left on his deal

3. Bojan would likely be a much better fit next to Capella for the Hawks then Collins

4. Two Bogdanovich's are better then one (I seriously thought they were brothers until i was corrected yesterday).

5. The shooting the Hawks would have with Young, Murray, Bogdan and Bojan on the floor together would be sick.

6. Second round picks are always useful to have around for trading.

My projected Pistons depth chart after the Trade

This trade may not be for everyone but I would love to see it happen. I'd hate to lose Bojan and Burks, but replacing them with two very good and proven young players who can be part of the Pistons long term future makes it so worth while. I think Collins would go right back to the player he was early in his career by not having Capella clogging the paint area. Ideally Collins will be paired with Bagley most of the time since Marvin is not afraid to shoot from outside the paint. Trent is not having a great year shooting so far (35% on 3's) but he's shot over 40% for the season on three pointers twice in his career already. I'd much rather see a young guy like Flynn getting back up minutes at PG while Cade is injured then see Cojo out there anymore.

The Pistons cap sheet is so clean that taking on Collins contract will not be an issue for the team at all. After this trade the Pistons would already have 12 players under contract for next season (plus an option decision to make on Knox) and have about $24M left in cap space avaialble to sign our #1 pick (Likely $8-10M) and use for free agency or trades.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your blog last night and I appreciate the work you are doing. I particularly found you because of the Weaver trade history blog (in a search). I'll go ahead and post a few of my general thoughts here, if that's cool.
    First, yes, Weaver should be questioned for his moves and history. Cade was a lay-up at falling into his lap at 1, but he is by no means a slam dunk. Injuries, plus inconsistent outside shooting, plus positional questions (is he really a lead ball handler?) make that somewhat questionable. I think Weaver likes to shuffle deck chairs, to not great avail. Even though Sekou is out of the league now, don't you think he could approximate Bagley's usage? Why did we pay MB3 13+ for 3 years for a guy nobody else wanted, bidding against ourselves? Now, he predictably rides the pine and gives avg production at best. I think Bey should be shopped. I think he is a movable piece with a limited ceiling and questionable fit on this team. Plus, who wants to pay him right now? Weaver will likely overvalue him and overpay him if he stays.
    Casey needs to be moved. I hated the hire in the first place, and his record has been worse than SVG, but nobody will acknowledge it. THen Raps win right away once he leaves (yeah, Kawhi, but still). Casey is a limited ceiling coach which is why he never made it past 2nd round in playoffs. He has served his time here and is a good man, but good riddance. We need a Udoko type (but not him due to character). Young and up and coming (maybe Juwan in 2 years?) I don't know.
    We had Bol in the bag but bailed on him over physical and now he tears it up for Orlando. Just asinine. Dropping Bruce Brown for a bag of chips. Shuffling deck chairs with Wood, Grant, Bogey - all to the same failures in the W-L column. I'm tired of this and really hoping we somehow hit on Wemby (unlikely) but that's where the hope largely lies right now. Sad.


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