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5 reasons I believe Saddiq Bey will be traded to ATL for John Collins

1. Bey lost his job in the starting lineup which leads to some questions. With Bojan around will Saddiq be happy coming off the bench for the next 2 seasons? Will the Pistons be willing to pay what it will take to sign Bey to an extension when he is eligible next year? On a sneaky side note with the way Kevin Knox has been playing the Pistons may want to open up a rotation spot for him to see if the progress he has shown is sustainable. Moving on from Bey would make that a lot easier to accomplish 2. With his size, rebounding skills, and ability to shoot from 3 to help stretch the floor (has slightly higher career 3p% then Bey) Collins fit at PF next to the 6'7" Bojan and either Duren or Bagley at C would be excellent, This trade would also give the Pistons the ability to play Stewart at PF with either Bagley or Duren (whoever doesn't start) on the second unit. 3. At 25 years of age, Collins fits right in with the Pistons young core. 4. The Pistons are one of

Could moving Jaden Ivey to a 6th man role be the best move for the Pistons once everyone is healthy?

With the Pistons soon to get Alec Burks and Marvin Bagley back from injuries the team will likely need to make some changes to both starting lineup and the 2nd unit. While most articles I have read believe it will come down to either Saddiq Bey or Bojan Bogdanovic heading to the bench so the team can start both Bagley and Isaiah Stewart up front to give the Pistons more size, I have a different idea. To me the best thing to do is move Ivey to a 6th man role (where he would still get around 30 minutes a game & be in the closing lineups if/when needed), go with a starting 5 of Bagely/Stewart/Bojan/Bey/Cunningham, and shorten the primary rotation to 9 players. DEPTH CHART PG: Cade/Ivey/Hayes/Cojo SG: Bey/Ivey/Burks/Hami SF: Bojan/Burks/Livers/Hami PF: Stewart/Livers/Knox C: Bagely/Duren/Noel I posted this potential starting lineup and depth chart on Twitter and immediately had people asking why I would remove Ivey from the starting lineup. Here are 3 reasons why. 1.