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The Pistons should strike while Lakers are desperate

The Lakers are off to a 0-3 start and have major issues developing. Russell Westbrook continues to be a problem and the teams 3 point shooting is off to a histroically bad start. Could a trade with the Pistons save their season before it spirals out of control? Of course the Lakers would have to make it well worth Troy Weavers while to eat Westbrooks contract. The big question...Is Lakers GM Rob Pelinka desperate enough to give Troy what he wants? This trade idea likely will not be popular with Pistons fans hoping to see the team fight for a playoff or play in spot this season, but it could pay huge dividends to both the short and long term future of the team. THE TRADE Lakers get: Bojan Bogdanovich, Alec Burks, Nerlens Noel Pistons get: Russell Westbrook, Lakers 2027 & 2029 unprotected #1 picks. WHY IT WORKS FOR THE LAKERS 1. Adding Bojan and Burks to the starting lineup would instantly help solve the Lakers 3pt shooting woes while providing better spacing for Lebron