Friday, January 14, 2022

Did the Knicks trade for Cam Reddish to help land Jerami Grant from the Pistons?

From the moment the Cam Reddish to the Knicks trade was announced it did not make much sense to me. The Knicks already had three veterans in Evan Fournier, Alec Burks and RJ Barrett battling for playing time at the wing spots. Plus they are having trouble finding signifigant playing time for their recent #1 picks Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickly and Quentin Grimes. Now they are going to add Reddish into that mix? Cam wasn't happy getting nearly 24 minutes per game with the Hawks, and IMO he's going to be hard pressed to find that many minutes on this current Knicks roster.

The Knicks are well known to be one of the suitors for Jerami Grant. Most of the trade proposals you see floating around on the internet usually included a protected #1 pick, Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox and one of the Knicks mid priced vets (Noel, Walker, Burks). Meanwhile The Pistons were reportedly interested in Cam Reddish but did not have a #1 pick available they could trade for him.

This is where my mind started working and came up with the following scenario. The Pistons liked Toppin from the Knicks offer but perhaps weren't really excited about getting back a protected #1 pick that may not convey for a few years and could end up just being two second rounders. So the Knicks said hey what if we trade that #1 pick you aren't very high on for Cam Reddish who you are interested in and then flip him to Detroit as part of our offer for Grant. Now both teams will end up getting players they covet in a trade. The Knicks end up with Jerami Grant and the Pistons walk away with Cam Reddish & Obi Toppin.

Being that Reddish was just traded to NY, NBA rules prohibit him from being traded along with any other Knicks players for 60 days so if the Pistons and Knicks do agree to a deal with Reddish involved it would need to be done in two seperate trades. Luckily the Pistons have Cory Joseph who could be very useful for the Knicks and matches up perfectly with Cam's $4.6M salary slot. Also since Knox was sent to ATL in the Reddish deal the Pistons would have to take on another mid salaried player instead to make the deal work salary wise.

Here is what i came up with.

There would likely be some draft capital going from NY to DET as well. My guess would be either a protected #1 or a few #2 picks.

I would love this trade if it happens! The Pistons land two high upside young forwards in Reddish & Toppin, some much needed size and a rim protector in Noel, and a total wild card in Walker. Both Walker and Noel are signed through next season (Noel has a team option for 23-24) and those two mid range expiring contracts could be very useful in trades next year for Detroit. I personally would sit Walker for the rest of the season if the Pistons were to acquire him to keep him as healthy as possible for next year

On The Knicks side they get their man in Grant, plus pick up three solid veteran players to help with their playoff run. Lyles would likely pick up Toppins minutes backing up Randle and could also help out Robinson & Gibson as a small ball stretch 5 when needed. Joseph gives them a strong (and fully healthy) PG that is shooting 44% from 3pt range and would be a major upgrade over Kemba defensively. McGruder with his expiring deal could easily be released if someone the Knicks like pops up on the buyout market or be kept to provide extra depth on the wing. This trade would also save the Knicks money on next years cap and open up at least one roster spot in the offseason (two if they decided not to pick up the team option on Lyles).

I've been asked if this was the Knicks plan why wouldn't the Pistons, Knicks and Hawks of made it a 3 way deal when Reddish was sent to the Knicks. The answer is because of Jerami Grant's injury. The Knicks are fighting for a playoff spot and need every win they can get. Trading away players who can help the team win a few games now for a player who will not be able to play for a few weeks would hurt their chances of making the playoffs. Plus ATL may not have been willing to wait to trade Reddish or may have jumped on a different offer if the Knicks didn't act right away.


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