Should the Pistons consider trading Jerami Grant?

Though many Pistons fans (including myself) would hate to see it happen, I believe the Pistons should strongly consider trading Jerami Grant ASAP while his value is still sky high & his excellent 2020-21 season is still fresh on the minds of NBA GM's. With Cade Cunningham starting to assert himself on offense, Grants scoring numbers (and trade value) will likely take a hit. While Grant is an above average player & a strong defender, only his scoring avg last season and career 3pt shooting percentage stand out as superior when looking at his stats. He's a below average rebounder for a PF and doesn't block many shots either. If Grants scoring drops from an average of 23 PPG last year to say 17 PPG this season, Jerami would go from having the numbers of an all-star caliber player to looking like an Evan Fournier clone on the stat sheet. While Fournier is a solid player, there is not one team in the NBA that would give up much in a trade for him.

I think Grant is a hell of a player and would love to see him stay here for the long haul, but does he feel the same way? Even if the PIstons choose not to trade him there is no guarantee Jerami will decide to stay in Detroit when his contract expires after next season. Cashing Grant in now while he is at peak value just may be the best move for the future of the Pistons.


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