Monday, November 15, 2021

Two potential ways the Pistons can trade for Marvin Bagley before 12/15

There have been plenty of rumors that have linked the Pistons to Marvin Bagley of the Kings, but as most have realized the Pistons don't currently have the players avaialble salary wise to match up in a deal for him due to the recently signed player rule. The rule prohibits any player that reached free agency and is signed during the offseason to be traded until after the 60th day of the league year. That date this season is December 15th. The only players the Pistons can currently trade are Cade, Grant, Bey, Stewart, Hayes, Josh Jackson, Garza and Livers. Out of those 7, the only 2 players i could see being in play for a Bagley deal are JJ and possibly Livers. However thier combinded salaries of $6M is not enough to trade for Bagley and his $11.3M conract.

The problem is with Kelly Olynyk injured the Pistons could really use Bagley now. There is a potential solution to make it happen. If Troy Weaver can find a higher salaried player that he can trade Josh Jackson (and potentially Livers) for, the Pistons could then turn around and swap that player for Bagley once the first trade is processed. That player needs to make at least $6.4M to be traded for Bagely. NOTE: The player we acquire to swap for Bagley will not be able to be aggragated (traded) with any other Pistons player for either 45 or 60 days (not 100% sure what it is) so he must have a salary high enough to be traded straight up for Bagley

One player who could be traded for Jackson and just barely fits over the $6.4M salary required for Bagely is SF Jarrett Culver of Memphis. He is eligible to be traded now and rarely ever gets off the bench for the team. JJ was well liked during his time with the Grizzlies in 2019 so i'd imagine they would not mind saving $1.4M to be reunited with him. Would the Kings be interested in Culver? That i really can't say however it is well known Sacramento would like to move on from Bagley and are looking for depth at the SG/SF spots. Like Bagely, Culver is a recent top 10 pick who has yet to make his mark in the NBA and could use a fresh start. The trade would also save the Kings $5M which could help motivate management/ownership to sign off on the deal.

Another player who would work salary wise is the Pacers SG Jeremy Lamb. The Pistons would need to include Isaiah Livers with JJ to absorb Lambs $10.5 salary. Ideally the Kings or Pacers will give Detroit back a future #2 pick as compensation for losing Livers but I wouldn't let that be a deal breaker. The beneifit for the Pacers to make this trade is saving $4M by repalcing Lamb with Jackson as a backup and getting a cheap flyer on a decent prospect. For Sacramento, Lamb has a much more proven track record in the NBA then Culver and they would still save $1M.

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