Pistons fans should not get their hopes up too high for Free Agency

With the Pistons staying fairly quiet at the trade deadline and the teams goal to keep their draft lottery odds as high as possible fans are already starting to look forward to the 2022-23 season. One of the things that has many excited for the offseason is recent reports that Detroit will have more cap space avaialble then any other team in the NBA at $34 million. That $34M has people dreaming of seeing Miles Bridges, DeAndre Ayton or Jalen Brunson in Pistons blue next year. Unfortunately when you take a closer look inside the numbers and factor in cap holds for a likely top 5 pick ($8-10M) and on new acquisition Marvin Bagley III ($28.3M) the Pistons will actually be over the salary cap for next season. Here is a breakdown of the Pistons 2022/2023 Financial Outlook Acquiring Bagley really put a dent into the Pistons offseason options and makes it almost certain that they plan on him being part of the teams future. If the Pistons make Bagley a qualifying offer, he would b

Did the Knicks trade for Cam Reddish to help land Jerami Grant from the Pistons?

From the moment the Cam Reddish to the Knicks trade was announced it did not make much sense to me. The Knicks already had three veterans in Evan Fournier, Alec Burks and RJ Barrett battling for playing time at the wing spots. Plus they are having trouble finding signifigant playing time for their recent #1 picks Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickly and Quentin Grimes. Now they are going to add Reddish into that mix? Cam wasn't happy getting nearly 24 minutes per game with the Hawks, and IMO he's going to be hard pressed to find that many minutes on this current Knicks roster. The Knicks are well known to be one of the suitors for Jerami Grant. Most of the trade proposals you see floating around on the internet usually included a protected #1 pick, Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox and one of the Knicks mid priced vets (Noel, Walker, Burks). Meanwhile The Pistons were reportedly interested in Cam Reddish but did not have a #1 pick available they could trade for him. This is where my mind star

2 trades I'd like to see the Pistons make on 12/15

The Pistons continue to struggle but changes may be on the way. As most of you know by now, December 15th is the first day players that were signed as free agents in the offseason can be traded. With that in mind there are 2 trades that I would love to see Troy Weaver make once that day arrives. TRADE 1: DET trades Cory Joseph to TOR for Chris Boucher Why TOR might be interested. The Raptors are in a need of a backup PG and are loaded with big man depth, When all their bigs are healthy Boucher seems to be the odd man out. Joseph is also a Canadian Olympian and hometown favorite which could help the Pistons cause. The Pistons desperately need some big man depth and Boucher would get an instant opportunity to earn a roatation spot while Olynyk is out. Boucher thrived last season when given a regular rotation spot but the additions of Scotty Barnes, Precious Achiuwa and Kheem Birch this year has majorly cut into his playing time. This trade would also free up the backup PG job for S

Why the F*@% is Rodney McGruder still a Piston?

This is a question I've asked often over the past year, but with the injury to Kelly Olynyk and the potential suspension of Isaiah Stewart, its become much more relevant. I have nothing personal against Rodney McGruder. He plays hard on the rare occasion his number gets called and is well known to be a great teammate. Coach Casey loves him for his leadership & positive influence on the teams many young players. However when it comes to the on court product, McGruder doesn't move the needle at all. He's buried on the depth chart as the teams 8th wing option and usually only gets off the bench late in blowout games. Meanwhile the Pistons have been struggling all season to protect the paint and routinely get out rebounded by large margins. Opposing players are having a field day taking the ball to the rim and getting plenty of second chance opportunities when they choose to shoot from the outside. Our undersized starting bigs with the 6'8" Isaiah Stewart &

Should the Pistons consider trading Jerami Grant?

Though many Pistons fans (including myself) would hate to see it happen, I believe the Pistons should strongly consider trading Jerami Grant ASAP while his value is still sky high & his excellent 2020-21 season is still fresh on the minds of NBA GM's. With Cade Cunningham starting to assert himself on offense, Grants scoring numbers (and trade value) will likely take a hit. While Grant is an above average player & a strong defender, only his scoring avg last season and career 3pt shooting percentage stand out as superior when looking at his stats. He's a below average rebounder for a PF and doesn't block many shots either. If Grants scoring drops from an average of 23 PPG last year to say 17 PPG this season, Jerami would go from having the numbers of an all-star caliber player to looking like an Evan Fournier clone on the stat sheet. While Fournier is a solid player, there is not one team in the NBA that would give up much in a trade for him. I think Grant is a

Two potential ways the Pistons can trade for Marvin Bagley before 12/15

There have been plenty of rumors that have linked the Pistons to Marvin Bagley of the Kings, but as most have realized the Pistons don't currently have the players avaialble salary wise to match up in a deal for him due to the recently signed player rule. The rule prohibits any player that reached free agency and is signed during the offseason to be traded until after the 60th day of the league year. That date this season is December 15th. The only players the Pistons can currently trade are Cade, Grant, Bey, Stewart, Hayes, Josh Jackson, Garza and Livers. Out of those 7, the only 2 players i could see being in play for a Bagley deal are JJ and possibly Livers. However thier combinded salaries of $6M is not enough to trade for Bagley and his $11.3M conract. The problem is with Kelly Olynyk injured the Pistons could really use Bagley now. There is a potential solution to make it happen. If Troy Weaver can find a higher salaried player that he can trade Josh Jackson (and potentiall

Is the Honeymoon over in Detroit for Troy Weaver?

Last season it seemed like nearly everything Troy Weaver touched turned to gold. By midseason Weaver had nearly turned over 100% of the roster he inherited (Sekou Doumbouya was the only man left standing), two of his mid round #1 picks had cemented themselves as key rotation players, and his free agent signings that had been mostly panned by the media as overpays were looking like bargains. Yes the team was losing a lot of games, but they were playing highly competitive games nearly every night they took the court. For the first time in years Pistons fans were optimistic about the future of this team. That excitement reached its peak when the ping pong balls fell our way in the draft lottery and the Pistons landed the #1 overall pick and drafted Cade Cunningham. The Pistons headed into the '21/22 offseason with nearly $12M in cap space and 8 players under contract (Plumlee, Stewart, Okafor, Grant, Doumbouya, Bey, Jackson, Hayes) plus Cunningham's upcoming rookie contract. On