Pistons Trade Deadline Primer

The trade deadline is 5 days away and the Pistons are highly expected to be sellers. Veterans Wayne Ellington, Delon Wright and Mason Plumlee have all been mentioned in the rumor mill over the past few weeks. There has also been talk of the Pistons being potential buyers on Aaron Gordon and Spencer Dinwiddie. What will Troy Weaver do? We asked David Griffin of @NBAMockTrades to play the role of Pistons GM and come up with a few potential deadline deals for the Pistons. 

Pistons Blog: Good morning David, thank you for agreeing to play the role of Troy Weaver today. 

David Griffin: Thanks, this maybe the closest i ever come to my dream of being the Pistons GM so i am going to enjoy this! 

PB: Do you think the Pistons will strictly sell at the trade deadline, or do you think they may be buyers as well? 

DG: They will definitely be selling, I will be shocked if Wayne Ellington is still a Piston next weekend. I can see them trading for Dinwiddie if the price is right, but i don't think they will be a player for Aaron Gordon. I wouldn't put anything past Troy Weaver though. The man is creative and thinks outside the box. 

PB: I do believe Ellington will be traded as well. What do you think the likelihood of Wright and/or Plumlee being moved next week?

DG: I would say 50/50 on each of them. Both players have been better then expected for the Pistons and bring some much needed veteran leadership to this young team. However their trade value may never be higher then it is right now and both players are likely not considered long term core pieces in Detroit. 

PB: Are there any other players you think the Pistons are open to trading?

DG: Yes I'd imagine any vet with an expiring contract (Rodney McGruder, Dennis Smith Jr,) could be in play and may need to be included for salary matching purposes. Jahlil Okafor is another player I could see possibly being moved. 

PB: Ok lets move on to the trades. What do you have for us? 

DG: Lets start big. I posted this on Twitter a few days ago and the response was pretty favorable. 

DG: In this trade the Pistons would pick up a young SG/SF in Langford who fits the Troy Weaver mold. He's battled through a foot injury all season but played fairly well for the Celtics as a rookie last year. Thompson is a little more expensive and would be a slight downgrade from Plumlee. On the positive side he does have one less year on his contract which will open up even more cap space for the '22 offseason when Blake's contract comes off the books. The golden ticket here for the Pistons is the pick swap that would see the Pistons move up 10-20 spots in this years loaded draft 

PB: Not bad, i did like Langford quite a bit in the 2019 draft, and that pick swap could be huge. 

DG: Next up is a 3 way deal that sends Delon Wright to the Nets. 

DG: This one is a personal favorite of mine. I'm a big fan of Cedi Osman and would love to see him in a Pistons uniform. He's not a great defender but he can play both the 3 & 4 and would add some much needed outside shooting skill to our roster. Dinwiddie i believe could be a game changer and help speed up the rebuild for the Pistons if they can keep him in Detroit beyond this season. The Pistons would get a #2 pick from the Nets as insurance in case Dinwiddies flies the coop in Free Agency. Sirvydis had to be included for salary matching purposes. I know this trade doesn't look great for the Cavs but they are overloaded with forwards and really want to move Osman or Prince's contracts before the deadline. 

PB: This one is interesting and a little out of the box. I also like Osman but his defense worries me a bit. Dinwiddie would be a nice fit here and having his bird rights would give us a leg up to retain him, but i worry that a team with cap space will make him a huge offer that may not be worth matching. 

DG: That is exactly why i had the Nets include a #2 pick. Gives the Pistons something in return for Wright if Dinwiddie does choose to sign elsewhere. 

PB: That is pretty solid logic! So far you have the Pistons sending out 7 players and bringing in 5 new ones. I'd imagine that about wraps it up. Lets look at the total tally and new projected depth chart. 

Incoming: F- Cedi Osman, G -Spencer Dinwiddie, G/F- Romeo Langford, C- Tristan Thompson, PG- Tyler Johnson, BOS 2021 #1, ATL 2021 #2

Outgoing: Delon Wright, Mason Plumlee, Wayne Ellington, Rodney McGruder, Dennis Smith Jr, Jahlil Okafor, Dirvidis Syrvidis, CHA 2021 #2

New Depth Chart

C: Thompson, Stewart

PF: Grant, Osman, Doumbouya

SF: Bey, J Jackson, Osman

SG: Diallo, Langford, J Jackson (INJURED - Dinwiddie)

PG:  Lee, Johnson, F Jackson (INJURED - Hayes) 

DG: With the 2 open roster spots these trades would create, I could see the Pistons converting Saben Lee to a standard deal to get him locked up for multiple years and signing a Free Agent center for the rest of the season to give some help to Beef Stew and Thompson. 

PB: If the Pistons can come out of the deadline with this i would be very happy. The depth chart looks solid and the Pistons would have two first rounders and two #2 picks in this upcoming draft to fill out the rest of the roster for 2021-2022. I love the idea of getting Saben Lee signed for multiple seasons as well. 

DG: I like it as well, especially if they would be able to retain Spencer Dinwiddie. 

PB: Yes that would be huge! Thanks for your help today David! You did a great job playing Troy Weaver and i love that one of your trade ideas was out of the box for a rebuilding team. 

DG: Thank you, i enjoyed doing it. #DetroitUp