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Pistons Trade Deadline Primer

The trade deadline is 5 days away and the Pistons are highly expected to be sellers. Veterans Wayne Ellington, Delon Wright and Mason Plumlee have all been mentioned in the rumor mill over the past few weeks. There has also been talk of the Pistons being potential buyers on Aaron Gordon and Spencer Dinwiddie. What will Troy Weaver do? We asked David Griffin of @NBAMockTrades to play the role of Pistons GM and come up with a few potential deadline deals for the Pistons.  Pistons Blog: Good morning David, thank you for agreeing to play the role of Troy Weaver today.  David Griffin: Thanks, this maybe the closest i ever come to my dream of being the Pistons GM so i am going to enjoy this!  PB: Do you think the Pistons will strictly sell at the trade deadline, or do you think they may be buyers as well?  DG: They will definitely be selling, I will be shocked if Wayne Ellington is still a Piston next weekend. I can see them trading for Dinwiddie if the price is right, but i don't think